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Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet

• Using latest technology trends in permanent electro-magnetic industry.• Requires electricity only during switching electro-magnet ON and OFF.
• Nearly 99% saving of electricity.
• No need extra battery power.
• Provides highest productivity and labor force saving.
• Safely and easily lifting of large and heavy sheet metals up to 12 mtr long and the weight of 25 tonnes by only one button push.
• Enables easy and fast loading and unloading operation.
• Technical and repairment support are met by Ferromagnet.

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Specıal-purpose desıgns wıth standard prıces

Magnetic Lifting Device - Steel Magnetic Lifter

Electromagnet is a permanent magnetic lifting system essential for fast and safely transportation of parts. It requires minimum energy as well as provides maximum safety. Ferro Magnet magnetic lifting system specially designed and produced for your company informs operators with indicators. It has the feature of preventing accidents by working with two buttons simultaneously. Lamps showing the working status of the magnet help an operator to act more accurately. Electromagnets require minimum maintenance and minimum cost. Its own security system which restrains operator from turning off the magnet when metal sheet hangs in the air prevents industrial accidents.

Electro Permanent Lıftıng Magnet

Why Ferro Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet?

Ferro Electro Magnetic Lift enables to easily lift and carry heavy sheet metal without bending and damage as compared to conventional lifting or carrying tools. Thus, there will be no any process for sheet metal after the transportation. Employers get more efficiency with less cost.

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